PbK’s Features to Enhance Victim Services

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Track and report services provided to victims of crime

PROSECUTORbyKarpel is comprehensive case management software, providing benefits to not only your legal teams, but to the victims they help as well. PbK includes a variety of features that enable victims to stay informed about their case, perform needed actions for the court quickly and accurately, and more. Karpel Solutions continually improves these features to aid victims in their efforts to achieve justice and make this trying situation a bit easier to get through.

PbK’s Integrated Victim Services component gives your victim advocates the ability to easily access all case information and track all services provided to victims, including claims and the option for two-way text messaging. This enables your advocates to benefit from easier communication with the victims under their charge.

As prosecutor’s offices continue to reduce paper use and victims increasingly rely on electronic communication, PbK’s Victim Notification Portal facilitates these shifts with several beneficial features. It provides victim advocates an avenue to securely communicate electronically with victims and eliminate the need for certain kinds of paper reports or correspondence. Karpel Solutions designed the Victim Notification Portal to be completely configurable so victim advocates can easily adjust it to meet their local community’s needs.

The portal allows victims to:

  • Create their own user ID and password
  • Invoke their victim rights
  • Request restitution
  • Update their address and other contact information
  • Choose their preferred method of contact: email, print, or text
The Victim Services component also includes statistical reports that allow you to track and report the services you’ve provided to various agencies as well as provide other needed information for federal grant applications. These reports include:
  • Assignment Demographic Report
  • Contact Report
  • Crime Category Report
  • Repeat Offender Report (domestic violence)
  • Service Report
  • Service Statistics
  • Service Time Statistics
  • Summary Report
  • VOCA Association Configuration
  • VOCA Grant Form
  • VOCA Services Data Verification Tool

Did you know that:

  • Americans sent 2 trillion text messages in 2021?
  • Text messages have a 98% open rate?
  • Texting is the top reason why 88% of people use their mobile phones?
  • 85% of people check a text within 5 minutes of receiving it?

You can leverage this technology to communicate with victims of crime the way they prefer to communicate in today’s world. Help your Victim Advocates ensure that your victims stay involved, informed and responsive using PROSECUTORbyKarpel’s Integrated texting feature.

Integrated texting allows you to:

  • Carry on a text conversation in near real-time that is automatically documented within the case.
  • Automatically notify victims of upcoming court dates or other relevant information about the progress of their case.
  • Receive notifications when a victim sends a new text message ensuring they always receive prompt attention from your office.
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