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It’s no secret that the higher your office’s efficiency is, the higher your chances of positive outcomes for your cases. That’s why PbK was designed to help you get more done in less time with fewer resources, helping you give more attention to each case. PbK is brimming with features that provide a wide range of efficiency-enhancing features that affect multiple parts of your operations. These advantages add up to big savings in time, effort, and money.
Imagine your office operating in a paperless environment: no paper files stacked on your desk, no more filing cabinets, no more paper calendars and dockets, and no more carrying buckets of files to court. This may sound too good to be true, but with PbK, a paperless and more efficient prosecutor’s office can become a reality. PbK achieves this with its integrated scanning feature that allows you to reduce or completely eliminate paper from your office. It allows outside documents to be scanned directly into a case, unlike other legal case management systems where documents are scanned to a central folder and then manually attached to the case. This feature, along with the electronic docket, allows prosecutors to work in a paperless courtroom with little more than a laptop.
  • No paper files stacked on your desk​​​​​
  • No more paper calendars and dockets
  • A more efficient prosecutor’s office
  • Attach and store any media type
  • Built-in TWAIN-compliant web-based scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities
PbK can leverage existing case information already entered to build out documents such as letters, motions, subpoenas, and pleadings, standardizing how every document flows out of the system in a consistent format. With PbK document generation, staff can be more efficient in the preparation of their documents so they can spend more time on the factual content of their court filings and less time worrying about captions, headers, “canned” language, and footers. PbK is also fully integrated with Microsoft Word, utilizing the tools and features of Word Mail Merge to easily generate documents for one case or multiple cases at the same time. The Mass Document Generation feature has the ability to generate subpoenas, witness documents, or victim letters on multiple cases without going into each individual case. By using this feature, you can generate all subpoenas for a specific docket setting, and victim advocates can generate all victims hearing notification letters.
  • Eliminates the need to pay for a third-party document storage and archival system
  • Full use of Microsoft Word Mail Merge tools
  • All documents generated are automatically saved to the case
  • Document are categorized for organization
  • You control the security of your confidential documents
  • Generate documents for multiple cases at the same time

PbK’s Workflow Management feature saves you time by automating daily tasks. It is completely configurable to meet your business rules and workflow processes, and the robust workflow engine will allow you to combine multiple tasks into one workflow event. Generate a document, set a court date, and send an email notification, all with the entry of one workflow event.

  • Combine multiple tasks into one
  • Become more time efficient
  • Improve accountability

PbK Electronic Docket called Setting Control is a unique feature designed to update a docket with upcoming events without having to search for each case individually. It is used by many attorneys in the courtroom and eliminates the need for files. Our customers save hours of manual data entry using Setting Control to update cases coming back from court. One customer stated that it used to take 4-6 hours to update cases after a large docket. But using Setting Control, it now only takes 20-30 minutes.

With PbK Courtroom Calendar management module, attorneys and staff can take in information in real time as it happens in the Courtroom using laptops, tablets and other connected devices. By entering information in real time, work doesn’t have to wait on a file to make its way back to the office. Staff can begin to work on tasks immediately as the events happen in Court. From generating judgments, plea agreements and subpoenas to notifying victims and preparing restitution orders; all can be done as they occur and as they are needed for Court.

Microsoft Mail-Merge Docket Templates can be created and attached to specific court dockets giving each office the flexibility of having dockets formatted to their preference.

PbK Electronic Docket control is:

  • Designed to update a docket with upcoming events without searching for each individual case
  • Especially used in paperless offices
  • Save hours of ‘back from court’ data entry

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Karpel Solutions’ HOSTEDbyKarpel is a service that allows our customers to operate PbK in a secure cloud environment. Hosting services are provided by Microsoft Azure for Government Cloud.

  • Cost effective
  • Does not use local infrastructure resources
  • Disaster recovery included
  • Fast access to your data, from anywhere
  • 99.5% uptime guarantee
  • CJIS compliant
Because PROSECUTORbyKarpel is a person-centric program, a person only needs to be added once, then associated to cases based on their involvement type. Every time you update information on this person, the system automatically aligns the previous information.
  • Eliminates duplicates and errors
  • Easy to find all data and involvement type
  • Date stamped for accuracy and tracking
  • Comprehensive search and organization of data by person
  • Visibly shows the associated roles of a person, including defendant, witness and codefendant
The Person Information screen enables end users to easily manage detailed biographical information and unlimited contact information.
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