PbK Integrates with the Court, Law Enforcement, Software, and More

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Get connected, save time, improve performance

PROSECUTORbyKarpel offers a wide range of features that connect it without outside parties and other software applications and platforms. This enables your team to eliminate or automate tedious and redundant tasks while streamlining communications with the court and other involved organizations. These features alone can save your team dozens of hours each week that can be better put toward delivering favorable results.

PROSECUTORbyKarpel has a proven track record working with many law enforcement record management systems to effectively share data. It includes a built-in law enforcement interface to receive charging/incident referrals from your law enforcement RMS. PbK also utilizes NIEM-conforming web services for all data exchanges to address any security or compliance issues.

For your convenience, Karpel Solutions can provide data exchange services without the need for partnering with a third-party contractor or the purchase of an expensive API.

  • Save time by eliminating redundant data entry
  • Can include electronic files, police reports, 911 audio recordings, mug shots, lab reports, crime scene photos, and more

PROSECUTORbyKarpel includes a built-in court interface to electronically file cases with your court. With the click of a button, you can easily submit your case and documents electronically.

PbK uses NIEM-conforming web services for all data exchanges, and has worked with many court systems to effectively share data, including the import of court dates and minutes.

  • Electronically transfer initial filing data to the court
  • Documents can be included in the transfer
  • Import court events from court systems
PbK is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook for automatic calendaring and event email notification for offices using Exchange Server or Microsoft 365. If you don’t use Outlook, our system options allow you to use other email applications for automated calendaring and email notifications.
  • Create appointments and tasks based on rules calculations
  • Send invitations
  • Integrate with email
  • Create calendar Rules for Outlook

PROSECUTORbyKarpel‘s External Agency Portal allows your justice partners “view only” privileges to basic case information and the ability to attach and submit supplemental media/documents to the Prosecutor’s Office electronically.

In addition to allowing your justice partners to view the progress and outcome of their cases, the Portal also allows external agencies to submit new cases/referrals with case data and documents to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Included with the Portal is PROSECUTORbyKarpel’s eSubpoena service for law enforcement. eSubpoena provides electronic submission of subpoenas to officers, allowing them to be served electronically and the ability to track their subpoena court dates.

PbK External Agency Portal will:

  • Allow partner agencies to view limited case information
  • Submit additional documents/media on their cases electronically
  • Submit new cases/referrals including supporting documentation/media
  • Electronically serve and maintain subpoenas
Karpel Solutions is partnered with Thomson Reuters to provide direct access to your Westlaw® subscription directly from within PbK. With the integration of Westlaw®, your PbK users have easy access to authoritative legal research from within a case that helps them save time and improve charging decisions. This integration has a wealth of benefits for your entire legal team, including:
  • Charging attorneys
  • Trial attorneys
  • Investigators
  • Administrative attorneys

How are you sending subpoenas to law enforcement today?

  • Paper?
  • Emails?
  • Other cumbersome and outdated processes?

Have you ever agreed to a hearing date, only to find out afterward an officer is unavailable?

With electronic subpoenas, you can eliminate all the unnecessary paper and complications.

Karpel has partnered with iSubpoena to seamlessly send and serve subpoenas. The PROSECUTORbyKarpel and iSubpoena integration offers real peace-of-mind.

  • Users generate subpoenas in PROSECUTORbyKarpel that go directly to the officer’s iSubpoena phone app
  • Officers receive and easily respond to subpoenas right in the app
  • Officers input their unavailability and reasons into the iSubpoena app and PROSECUTORbyKarpel syncs that information
  • When the officer roster is updated in iSubpoena, PROSECUTORbyKarpel will sync those updates
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