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Thanks for putting together a great product. Even though we're still learning and fresh off a conversion from DAMION, we are very happy with how easy and smooth it is going. Your support people have been great to work with.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Grant County, WA

Karpel Solutions has demonstrated the ability to build software to conform to Missouri law and procedure, build interfaces with law enforcement, and respond quickly to the wants and needs of their customers.

Executive Director
Missouri Office of Prosecution Services

Karpel Solutions delivers a solution powerful enough to meet the needs of the largest districts while still being flexible and affordable enough for the smaller offices. We look forward to working with Karpel Solutions to assist delivering a state-of-the-art criminal case management system to all Louisiana District Attorneys’ offices...

Director of Information Systems
Louisiana District Attorney Association

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help working through the outstanding items in 5.3 the last couple of months, and the very few post-live issues we had with the 5.3 upgrade. Overall it went extremely well, the release is very solid, and the issues we had were minor and solvable. The response here has been enthusiastic, people are thrilled with all of the new things you’ve added at our request. They are stopping me in the hallway to tell me how much they like certain features.

Thanks for being our partner, you guys rock!

King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Thank you for hosting the CA User Group meeting yesterday. I always find your meetings to be very informative and helpful, and I appreciate your openness to all of the user suggestions. PbK just keeps getting better and it is because of your continuous desire to improve the product. So thank you!

Staff Services Analyst
County of Merced District Attorney's Office

County Attorney’s Office Streamlines Prosecution Process with New Case Management System

PHOENIX – Prosecutors with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will greatly reduce the amount of paperwork they have to handle by using a new online criminal case management system to create and exchange electronic documents with the courts, law enforcement agencies and defense attorneys. The new system, PROSECUTORbyKARPEL, is also designed to facilitate a mobile solution that allows prosecutors to quickly access necessary case information while in court using computer tablets.

“This solution represents a quantum leap forward in our efforts to create a paperless system that allows our prosecutors to more effectively and efficiently manage their caseloads,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. “By reducing or eliminating the delays that frequently occur with generating and distributing paper documents, we will be able to shorten the time it takes to resolve cases and provide justice for victims and their families,” he added.

“The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is setting an important example for other large prosecution agencies by converting to an online case management system that will improve day to day operations and serve the greater interests of the communities they protect,” said Jeff Karpel, founder of Karpel Solutions. “We are proud to have been selected as a partner in this effort and we look forward to an ongoing successful relationship,” he added.

In adopting PROSECUTORbyKARPEL, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office becomes one of the largest jurisdictions in the U.S. to convert from a case management system that relies on data stored in multiple “silos” to one in which information is centralized in a single location accessible from virtually anywhere. The new platform will allow attorneys, paralegals and support staff to electronically file court documents, access criminal histories, track evidence, provide discovery materials and perform a range of other tasks without having to rely on a physical case file.

Karpel Solutions is a solutions provider that focuses on streamlining criminal prosecution across America with the implementation of current and cost effective technology.

Merced DA's office second in California to go 'paperless'

Perhaps no product has been more indispensable over the years in the criminal court system than paper - reams and reams of paper. From police reports to criminal complaints to legal briefs, writs, appeals and judgments the system has always run on countless tons of paper. But that is changing.

On Monday, January 5th, the Merced County District Attorney’s office officially went “paperless.” All of the prosecutors in the DA’s office started the New Year bringing their laptops or IPads to court in order to conduct

According to District Attorney Larry D. Morse II, Merced County is only the second county in California to go paperless, after Yolo County. The milestone has been a few years in the making, he said, and puts the Merced County District Attorney’s office on the cutting edge of criminal justice technology.

Morse said “paperless” is something of a misnomer. “A more accurate term would be ‘fileless,’ as there will always be a need for some paper in the court system,” he said. But under a 'fileless' system, prosecutors and clerical staff will not spend their work days creating, carrying and storing thousands of paper files as they have for decades. All of their cases and the information needed to conduct their weekly criminal calendars will be accessible from their

In 2010 the District Attorney’s office purchased a new case management system, Prosecutor by Karpel, a St. Louis, Mo. based company with clients in several states that was looking to get a toehold in California’s market. Morse said the company made his office “a discount deal that was too good to pass up. We became their ‘loss leader’ in California and it has proven to be an incredible bargain.”

Morse noted it is something of an irony that California, the home of the Silicon Valley, has lagged far behind other states in criminal justice technology. He described the previous case management system as “antiquated and inefficient in every way. The new system has enabled our attorneys, clerical staff, investigators and victim/witness staff to receive and store police reports, written evidence and court documents electronically and to access and share that information much more quickly.

Morse said the ultimate goal for the new system was always to get the office to operate without paper files as soon as possible. He acknowledged there were some challenges along the way. “Some of the older attorneys, me most of all, had a more difficult time making a transition from the comfort of paper to computers. Our younger attorneys, who have been raised in a computer age, have stepped into the new system without a hitch,” he said.

The move towards becoming 'fileless' was led by Chief Deputy District Attorney Harold Nutt and Staff Services Analyst Trish Goodman who Morse described as “relentless in keeping us on task and moving toward our goal.”

“We were really interested in being on the front end of the technology curve instead of bringing up the rear. District Attorneys offices in other states have been fileless for many years. It’s a much more efficient way to conduct business and has the added benefit of being environmentally responsible,” he said.

Thank you for your patience during our training last week. We were a little apprehensive…but training went very well and I can see why you do it that way.

Office Administrator
Boone County

I want to thank Karpel for the tremendous job they did converting our data. We now have a data base that is usable and helpful for every employee of the office...Most importantly, Karpel has provided an effective tool that increases our ability to prosecute crime in our county.

Chief Trial Attorney
Jackson County